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Pitch It!


Omni Culture TV Fest 2022

Pitch Event Overview

For the first time ever, the Omni Cultural TV Fest is featuring Pitch It! – a live, virtual platform in S.T.R.E.A.M. World on June 9, 2022, where participants get to pitch their hearts out in guaranteed pitch meetings with industry representatives from participating TV networks, studios, production companies, and streaming services.

Pitch It! is the IDEAL place for connecting TV networks, studios, production companies, and streaming services with you and your projects. Whether jumpstarting a career or taking one to next level in the entertainment industry, access is EVERYTHING.

A successful pitch starts with preparation. The Omni Cultural TV Fest will provide mandates ahead of time so that participants will know what the companies are looking for regarding genre, format, and target demos. We will also offer Pitch Etiquette (how to pitch) so that you know the do’s and don’ts needed to put your best pitch forward.


If the thought of pitching gives you butterflies, then Pitch It! is for you. This event takes place inside the virtual S.T.R.E.A.M. World campus. Simply register, download the platform, create your avatar, tap directional arrow keys to navigate, and use the built-in mic to communicate. Only your avatars will be virtual face-to-virtual faces. 


The Pitch It! package includes:  One (1) ticket to the virtual Omni Cultural TV Fest 2022 and two (2) guaranteed pitches selected from your top 5 choices from participating TV networks, studios, production companies, and streaming services. 


Pitch It! Timeline

October 15th  Pitch It! tickets available for purchase on Eventbrite & Film FreeWay

November 15th Pitch It! Early bird online signup for pitch appointments open

December 1st Pitch It! general online signup for pitch appointments open

January 15th Pitch It! online signups are closed

February 7th Pitch It! pitch appointment confirmations will be sent via email


Submission Process

In order to participate in Pitch It!, participants will need to:


  1. Register for OCTVF 2022 via FilmFreeway (select the Pitch It! ticket package)

  2. Complete the online Submission Release and Application

  3. Review mandates from participating companies

  4. Select your top 5 choices

  5. Receive your 2 guaranteed pitch appointment confirmations via email

  6. Review the Pitch It! Etiquette Guide - TBA and emailed

  7. Attend OCTVF 2022 on June 9th and be ready to pitch 


Participation Notification

All Pitch It! tickets must be purchased, release and application completed and top 5 choices selected TBA. 



Pitch appointment confirmations will be sent.


In case a company confirmed to hear pitches is unable to participate, every effort will be made to either forward your written pitches to the representative after the event or have the attendee pitch to one of his/her other 5 choices.

Let's Work Together

Pitch It! is the right time for the opportunity of a lifetime. 

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